Rejoicing in the Dawn Glow Original Finger Painting

Rejoicing in the Dawn Glow Original Finger Painting

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Rejoicing in the Dawn Glow depicts an Egret dancing in the dazzling dawn light. Those loose impasto strokes create movement and texture that leap from the canvas. Delightful colors swirl and mix to create a vibrant immersion of the morning light dancing trough the trees and across waters surface. 

Size: 36x24x2 inches

Format: Horizontal

Medium: Oil paint

***Original works are posted for sale when completed and may required 3-6 weeks to dry before shipping*** Please contact for shipping times

*Original Oil Finger Painting from Jen's expressions series, characterized by loose, fast, impasto paint strokes on smaller size canvases. Paintings from this collection focus more on capturing a moment in time versus the more intricately detailed painting Jen achieves on her larger canvases.